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positive psychology

Some research on STRENGTHS

We’re working on building strengths of character in our macro labs.

Strengths Research:

  • Positive psychologists focus on cultivating strengths rather than just shoring up weakeness.
  • Know your strengths, use your strengths, grow your strength.
  • The top 5 strengths that correlate with life satisfaction are love, curiosity, gratitude and hope.
  • Finding new ways to use your strengths can increase your life satisfacition and positivity.
  • Having a vocabulary for seeing what is right with people is key.

Strengths spotting – Me At My Best!

  • When I’m at my best… I’m in flow… I feel authentic– I’m using my top strengths.
  • My top strengths give me energy. It’s effortless (somewhat) to use them.
  • Your strengths can feel so effortless at times that you might take them for granted!
  • Deepen your relationships by spotting strengths in the people in your life.

Maybe you’ll want to measure yours too? www.viame.org


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