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I am a SOcial-eMOtional Leader. What do I do?

I am a SOcial-eMOtional Leader. What do I do?
Or, who do I be? (We’re human beings not human doings.)

1. Record your wins daily. 3 Good Things! Anything that made you feel good is a win. Scientific studies show this helps people build a good muscle for happiness – especially when you list what you did to contribute to that good thing. (For example, a win is that I got up to go for a run this morning. What did I do to contribute to that? I did not snooze through my alarm; I honored my word.)

2. Follow the 10/5 rule
If someone is within 10 feet of you, acknowledge them with a smile.
If someone is within 5 feet of you, say hello.

3. Prime others for positivity.
Ask “What’s good?” instead of “How are you?” and really press people to be specific with a response. (You’ll notice people will want to answer “Everything!”)

4. Be curious, not judgmental.
Inquire (ask questions) don’t always advocate (need to be right).

5. Choose positive expectations.
Frame things (situations, people) as opportunities not threats and remember the choice is always (y)ours. When we are in threat response, our negativity bias gets activated + our field of vision becomes so much narrower. We need each other.

…& encourage others to do/be same. Pay it forward…


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